This Week

This Week’s Theme: Letter Qq and Groundhog Day –  January 27 to 31


Monday: We will introduce the letter Qq, discuss quilts, and work on tracking skills

Tuesday: We will introduce Groundhog Day and study the letter Qq

Wednesday: We will work on handwriting skills and study ‘Quacking Ducks’

Thursday: We will work on letter Qq and Groundhogs

Friday: We will work on sorting skills


Monday: We will celebrate our second day of the 100th day of school!

Tuesday: We will work on number recognition and order

Wednesday: We will make shadow puppets

Thursday:We will work on number id.

Friday: We will create shadows outside


  • Make sure you send in a full set of change of clothes to keep at school!
  • Homework journals are due each week by Friday!
  • Students need to bring back their daily folder each day
  • Students need to bring a daily snack